Chole's Community Cupboard
No one's cupboard should ever be empty

Shoe Boxes

At Chloe’s Community Cupboard we believe that nobody’s cupboard should be empty. With that aim in mind we created a free boxes. Members of the community can discuss their requirements with our volunteers, and have a box made for their needs. The project will be operated though a voucher system. These vouchers will be given out to charities and community beneficial organisations, which will refer families to Chloe’s Cupboard to receive their boxes. These boxes include:

1.    Toiletries box- including items such as toilet roll, toothbrush and paste, feminine hygiene products, soap, deodorant. 

2.    School box- including school uniform, stationery and other school supplies

3.    Christmas and other special occasions box- following an initial consultation with the parent, we will create a box tailored to their child's age and interests, boxes will include toys and clothes. 


4.    Winter Wear box- We will store a selection of warm coats, jackets and winter accessories in various sizes ready for colder weather. 

5.    Footwear- We will gather a selection of shoes in different sizes and styles. 

6. Job Interview- We will gather suits and smart outfits, to lend to people who are going to a job interview, and have no smart, appropriate clothing.